Why Marshfield?

With The Marshfield Group, your industrial and technical business can have it all: "big agency" marketing programs, boutique service, and a knowledgeable communications team that truly understands your industry.

Here's why businesses like yours hire The Marshfield Group for all of their marketing needs.

Experience. The Marshfield Group was founded in 1979, and we only hire experienced communications specialists-they've been practicing their craft for at least 15 years, so no rookie mistakes. Some of our team brings a background in engineering and manufacturing. This positions our group to create highly targeted, effective communications to promote and sell your products.

Results. Glossy marketing will only get you so far. We focus on creating marketing programs that drive sales and align with your company's strategic goals. Marketing does not live in a vacuum. We dig deep to get to know our clients through a Discovery process that informs the creative direction. That way, we can implement effective communications solutions.

Technology. We bring state-of-the-art tools to market your business so you can reach a targeted audience. That includes services like lead generation and qualification, web site creation and a range of programs that capitalize on today's advanced technology.

Full Service. You don't need another marketing professional if you hire The Marshfield Group. Our capabilities span the entire marketing spectrum, fulfilling your print, multi-media, web, public relations and promotional needs. And because we collaborate with experts in the field, you can rest assured that you're getting the quality and results you demand.

Response. We understand the time-sensitive nature of going to market. You've got competition, sales goals, a business to run. Let us handle your marketing. We treat every project with a sense of urgency and focus on efficient delivery.

Want to test our response?

Then give us a call at 440.974.8448. We look forward to hearing from you.


Tom Mitchell is a marketing veteran. His career, spanning more than 25 years of Fortune 500 and agency assignments, includes solving marketing challenges for a variety of industries and situations. His work includes public relations, lead generation, sales promotion, brand building, advertising, social media, website design, SEO/SEM, and mobile application development.

Today, Mitchell leads The Marshfield Group in developing marketing strategies, programs and materials for firms throughout the local area and the country.

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